Sea-esta Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and condition for Sea-esta:

Recreational Equipment: Available for Guest’s use is beach equipment including bikes, beach chairs, umbrellas, beach carts, beach toys including skim/boogie boards and bicycles (‘Equipment’). By signing this agreement, Guest understands the nature of using the Equipment and that use of the Equipment may involve risks of serious bodily injury, including permanent disability, paralysis, and death. Equipment is complimentary and is provided on an “as-is” basis. Homeowner makes no guarantee that beach equipment and bicycles will be in working order.

    • Guest agrees to supervise and be responsible for use of Equipment by any persons under the age of 16 (all persons under 16 must wear a helmet when using the bikes under FL law).
    • Indemnity: Guest agrees to indemnify and hold Homeowner and its employees or workers, and if applicable any HOA or other group, harmless from any claims arising from Guest use of the premises and or Equipment, including risk of injury and death to Guest and others from all recreational activities of Guest while occupying the premises.

Guest Fee: For use of the Property as a vacationing home, the Guest shall pay Homeowner a fee as described in a Billing Worksheet. Should additional charges be incurred during the stay at the property, including but not limited to charges for damages which exceed the refundable deposit, or due to any violation of this agreement, the guest will be required to make additional payment to Homeowner.

Initial Deposit: A refundable damage deposit of $300 is required to secure a reservation. Any evidence of smoking, pets, unsanitary or soiled conditions beyond normal use or any damage or loss by the Guest to the Property will result in forfeiture of damage deposit and may require additional charges if replacement or repair of damage or loss exceed the damage deposit. Any damage in excess of the refundable deposit is the responsibility of the guest and shall be paid immediately upon request. If litigation ensues, the Guest will be responsible for Homeowners’ attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to other damages recovered. Any charges will be fully discussed with Guest and nothing will be charged without your knowledge. Normal wear and tear is not considered damage. Since most damage is minor, we ask our guests to identify it so it can be fixed prior to the next guest’s arrival. Please report to homeowner immediately upon check-in if you note any damage in the house; otherwise, you may be held responsible for the damage.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your reservation with written notice up to (60) days prior to arrival for a full refund of your Initial Deposit (less any credit card processing fees).  If you cancel within 60 days of check-in you will forfeit your Initial Deposit.

Early check-out:  Cancellations or early departures due to inclement weather or any other factor do not warrant any refund of monies paid to Homeowner. Immediate notification is required if you check-out early from your reservation dates.  We do recommend that you purchase travel insurance.  A helpful resource is  This website lists the top 27 Travel Insurance Companies and 21 of them have a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars).  Two specific companies that we know, and recommend, are TravelGuard and CSA.  You can call the companies directly or book through

Payment: An initial payment of 50% of the lodging fee, cleaning, application fee, taxes and refundable damage deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Your reservation will be secured once you receive an email confirmation that your Initial Deposit was received. Final payment is due at least 30 prior to your arrival date. Once your final payment is received, you will receive your unique code to the front door, which will be your primary access. Make payments in the form of a personal check, bank money order, cashier’s check or credit card (includes a 3% credit card processing fee). Lodging and other fees are subject to change without notice and all rentals of less than 6 months (184 nights) are subject to a sales tax.

Cleaning Fee: A one time, end of stay cleaning fee will be charged in addition to the rental fee prior to check-in. The cleaning service provided is light cleaning only. If excessive cleaning is required after departure then additional cleaning fees may be charged to Guest. Our cleaning company acts as the Homeowner’s arbiter and makes the final decision in contested matters regarding any damage or additional cleaning required to make the house whole. If daily, or mid- week cleaning service is requested, please arrange in advance at the Guest’s expense.

  • Guest shall keep and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
  • Guest agrees to clean BBQ grill with wire brush prior to check-out (if grill was used).
  • Upon termination of the agreement, Guest shall surrender the premises to Homeowner in the same condition as when received, excepting light cleaning and laundry.

Check-in/Check-out: Check-in time is 4:00 pm (CENTRAL TIME) on day of arrival. Our front door code is time-stamped and does not allow us to change it once made. Check-out time is 10:00 am (CENTRAL TIME) on departure date.

Smoking Rules: This is a NON-SMOKING house and smoking is strictly forbidden. Additional penalties and cleaning fees will apply if it is determined that smoking occurred in the house, on the porches or decks or if cigarette butts are found on the ground around the house. Keep in mind that the yard is filled with vegetation (e.g. pine trees & needles) that is highly flammable.

Equipment and Appliances: This home has air conditioning/heater that is in good working condition. If Guest encounters a problem with any of the house’s appliances, the Guest is should immediately contact the Homeowner. The Homeowner will make arrangements for repair. AIR CONDITIONING AND WORKING APPLIANCES ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO BE FREE OF MALFUNCTION. REPAIRS WILL BE MADE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BUT NO REFUND TO GUEST IS DUE TO FAILURE.  Homeowner reserves the right, if necessary, for maintenance staff to enter the premises during business hours for repair, care, or management of the property; Homeowner will make every effort not to disrupt your vacation. Guest is not permitted to alter, re-configure or disconnect any of the equipment without express permission.

Accommodations/Initial Setup: An initial complementary supply of toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, dishwasher and laundry detergent will be furnished. However, subsequent replacements will be the responsibility of the Guest. Property is fully furnished for normal housekeeping in turn-key condition. Kitchen is equipped with dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, and basic appliances. Additionally, linens, including sheets, blankets, and towels are furnished.

Ordinances and Statutes: All Guests, occupants and/or visitors shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state and federal authorities and homeowner’s association in force during your stay. If you are evicted from the house for failure to abide by any of these rules, you will not be entitled to a refund of any rents and fees paid and you will still be responsible for damages to the house or property caused by you or your guests. Guest understands that premises are located in a residential area and that neighbors live in close proximity. There should be no loud music or loud talking on balconies, decks, patios, or in common areas. Use of fireworks is illegal and strictly prohibited. Always follow posted rules; absolutely no parties are allowed. Local ordinance “quiet hours” are observed starting at 10:00 PM and  until 8:00 AM.

Utilities: Cable TV and wireless internet service is provided for the Guest.  Guest is responsible for any “Pay per View” Cable or ancillary TV entertainment charges incurred while occupying the Property. If any extra charges appear on the Property’s monthly bill for the term of the Guest’s occupancy, Guest agrees that they will pay a service charge of $20 plus the cost of the charges.

Checkout Procedure: Upon departure, Guest will make sure the doors are locked, all windows closed and locked, lights, ceiling fans and electronics turned off, the refrigerator emptied, trash taken out and dishwasher loaded and run. Failure to do so may incur additional charges. Follow check-out procedures listed on the refrigerator door. Homeowner is not responsible for any items left behind so please check to make sure you have all your belongings.

Waiver, Indemnity and Release of Liability: Guest agrees to indemnify and hold Homeowner harmless from any claim, liability, personal injury or loss sustained by Guest or parties invited by Guest, arising out of Guest’s occupancy of the premises, unless caused by the gross negligence of Homeowner. Should any liability or claim occur against the Homeowner the Guest’s remedy shall not exceed the lodging fee and Guest shall be responsible for all attorney fees and court costs. In case of any legal action Guest forfeits their right to a jury trial.

Lost and Stolen Items: Homeowner is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Subletting: Tenant shall not sublet, assign, or otherwise encumber any interest under this Agreement. Any transfer made without Homeowner’s prior written consent shall, at Homeowner’s option, be void. The person who signs this agreement must occupy the property during the entire aforementioned rental period.

Governing Law & Rules: The laws of the state of Florida shall govern this agreement. Each of the parties irrevocably consents to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in Walton County, as applicable, for any matter arising out of or relating to this Agreement. Guest agrees to abide by any applicable Homeowner Association rules and Owner’s rules posted on the Property.

Rental Damage:  Guest is liable for full replacement costs due to damage or loss that occurs to the premises and its contents during their reservation dates.  Guests understand that they are responsible for damage that is beyond or not covered by the refundable damage deposit. Guest will be responsible for paying through check or credit card for all damage or loss that is in excess of Guest’s refundable damage deposit.

    • If an accident occurs, Guest should immediately report the incident causing damage or loss to the premises
    • Guests should conduct a thorough inspection of the Property when first arriving to ensure it is in good condition and that Guest will not be inadvertently be held responsible for damaged items. Please notify Homeowners of any damaged items within 24 hours of arrival.

Occupancy: Guest agrees that the maximum occupancy of the Property shall be no more than ten (12) persons at any time, which includes children of all ages. Underage groups, high school or college related groups or house parties are not allowed.  Anyone renting this property under false pretenses shall be immediately evicted with no refund. Guests may park a maximum of three (3) cars. The person(s) signing this Agreement must occupy the Property with the rental party. No rooms other than designated bedrooms are to be used as sleeping rooms or bedrooms. Homeowner has the option to terminate this Agreement or increase the Guest Fee at our discretion if there is evidence indicating anyone may be sleeping in a non-bedroom area of the house or exterior areas including, pool areas and  yard and cars or mobile homes parked anywhere on subdivision property.

Pets: Pets are NOT allowed in Sea-esta.

Golf Carts – Golf carts are not allowed by guests/renters in Sea-esta’s community of Summer’s Edge.