Best Beaches In The World

30A Beach Umbrella

There’s a reason many people refer to South Walton (30A) as a “getaway” instead of a “vacation.” It’s because our sugar-white sand, turquoise water, and welcoming beach neighborhoods offer a mental and physical escape from day-to-day life outside of South Walton. A getaway at your perfect beach transports you to a more peaceful, relaxed, and energized state – and leaves you with lasting memories to treasure for years to come.  We believe that the world’s best white sand beaches are located in South Walton Florida, along 30A highway. We are blessed by spectacular sugary white finely ground quartz sand that is considered the best in the nation.  The sparkling sand here is so fine that it literally squeaks beneath your feet.  And because it reflects the sun’s heat away from the surface and it will NOT burn your feet! In fact, the sand is such a brilliant white that that sunglasses are required.

The powdery white sand beach was created about 20,000 years ago with the arrival of pure white quartz crystals washed down from the Appalachian Mountains. Tidal action over thousands of years ground them down into the white sugar like shore that exists today.  The fine powder of quartz silica even radiates sunlight underwater. The sun’s rays reflect upward through the clear water through tiny natural algae near the white sandy bottom. This creates the dazzling emerald green ocean water.  That is why this famous part of paradise is now known as “The Emerald Coast.”

Southern Living Magazine readers have consistently ranked the Emerald Coast/30A area “The Number One Beach Destination” for many years.  Portions of the The Emerald Coast/30A are named among the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Beaches in the Nation” by Dr. Beach and TripAdvisor.

Eastern Lake in Seagrove Beach from 8 Fifty Productions


Seagrove Beach is named for the lush green trees that surround this beautiful stretch of coastline, including oaks, hickories, magnolias and sand pines. What was once a remote town that was reached by dirt road has now grown into a popular tourist destination along the Emerald Coast. Seagrove Beach features a mix of new beach villas, condos and historic homesteads.  Nearby Point Washington State Forest offers the opportunity for outdoor recreation with hiking and biking. Seagrove beach has a variety of restaurants, including delis, pizza/pasta eateries and fine dining.